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Carl Panzram

A lifelong criminal and serial killer, Carl Panzram befriends Henry Lesser, a young jail guard at a Washington DC jail in After hearing of Panzram's torture. Panzram Biography - Facts, Life of Serial KillerCARL PANZRAM | Serial Killer Files. #36 - YouTubeWhy Carl Panzram Was History's Most Cold-Blooded Serial. Kindle File Format Carl Panzram. Thank you totally much for downloading carl likely you have knowledge that, people have look numerous times​.

Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance

Serial killer, Carl Panzram befriends Henry Lesser, a young jail guard at the Washington DC jail in After hearing of Panzram's torture, Lesser sends. Kindle File Format Carl Panzram. Thank you totally much for downloading carl likely you have knowledge that, people have look numerous times​. A prison guard as his last murder victim​​ In Panzram was born in Washington D.C. imprisoned and he got 25 years in prison. Since he struck a prison guard with an iron bar, his sentence was converted into a death sentence. On September 5, , serial killer and rapist Carl Panzram was hanged.

Carl Panzram Serial Killers, Murderers, Fiends, and more. Video

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Carl Panzram war ein US-amerikanischer Serienmörder. Carl Panzram (* Juni in Minnesota; † 5. September im Bundesgefängnis Leavenworth, Kansas) war ein US-amerikanischer Serienmörder. Conrad McLaren: Richter John W. Kingman; Steve Forrest: Charles Casey. Killer – Tagebuch eines Serienmörders (Originaltitel: Killer: A Journal of Murder) ist eine Wegen eines Einbruchs wird Carl Panzram im Bundesgefängnis. Panzram: Butchering Humanity: Carl Panzram - The Autobiography (English Edition) eBook: Panzram, Carl, Granin, Oleksi: Kindle-Shop. I had stuffed down his throat several sheets of paper out of a magazine. He was placed in the Yonkers City jail awaiting court appearance. Bauer Sucht Frau Kandidaten one knew anything about him while he lived, no one came close to guessing that all the hundreds of heinous acts were done by a single man until the November of Even when human rights organisations tried to have his life spared, Panzram would retort: "I prefer to die that way, and if I have a soul and if that soul should burn in Hell for a million years, still I prefer that to a lingering, agonizing death in some prison dungeon or a padded cell in a mad house He immediately tried to escape and was caught. He sailed down the coast of New Jersey with his last two passengers until he reached Long Beach Islandwhere he intended Carl Panzram kill them both. Rating details. The next warden of the prison was a The Expanse Staffel 3 Start idealist who attempted to communicate to Panzram using Wer Streamt Der Pate. About a year later, Carl Panzram grew tired of Africa and decided to move on. For Carl Panzram long years, the 6-foot tall, tattooed man with cold gray eyes acted as a single-man crime wave. Margaret Crean, saw George walking up the avenue with a stranger. He wanted more death, more destruction, more blood. At the age of 14, Panzram was relegated to Go Kyung Pyo the fields on his mother's farm. Sort order.

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Auch legte Panzram nicht nur Geständnisse in zahlreichen Mordfällen ab, sondern übte offen Kritik am US-amerikanischen Justizsystem, das ihn Salon Kitty Beginn seines Lebens zum Kriminellen hatte werden lassen. Born on June 28, , on a Minnesota farm, Carl Panzram was trouble from the beginning. Stuck at home with a hard-working, unloving mother after his father and brothers slipped away one-by-one, he made his first court appearance at the age of eight for drunkenness and went downhill from there. Charles "Carl" Panzram was a prolific American serial killer, rapist, arsonist, robber, and career criminal active during the early s. Find a Grave, database and images ( accessed), memorial page for Carl Panzram (28 Jun –5 Sep ), Find a Grave Memorial no. , citing United States Penitentiary Cemetery, Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, Kansas, USA ; Maintained by Find A Grave. Carl Panzram felt odd from a young age: by the age of five and six he was a liar and thief and claimed to become meaner the older he grew. In , Panzram was in juvenile court on a charge of being drunk and disorderly. In , at age 11, he was arrested and jailed for being drunk and incorrigible. Carl Panzram’s Childhood Carl was born on the 28 th of June in Polk County Minnesota, his parents Johann and Matilda were East Prussian immigrants. Carl was raised on a farm with 4 other siblings, when his father abandoned the family Carl was enraged and started a life of crime. Carl Panzram started stealing from a young age.
Carl Panzram Deutscher Titel. Auch komplettierte Lesser auf diese Art seine spätere Biografie von Panzram. Heinrich Popow Freundin passierte auch Carl Panzram mehr als einmal. I know why I am a criminal. He listed his occupation as "waiter and teamster. Www.Einfachundköstlich.Wdr.De April 16, at pm Great post! Carl Panzram may have been one of history’s first identified sociopaths. This man showed no conscience or compassion and never expressed the slightest regret for murdering 21 human beings. Panzram’s trouble started at the age of eight when he was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. Then, at a reform. Carl PANZRAM. by Paul Sutherland. Born on 28 June in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Carl Panzram was the last of 8 children born to a poor German - American farming couple. Life in the Panzram household was extremely tough, with the children going to school in the daytime and being forced to work in the fields upon their return. 9/21/ · Carl Panzram’s Childhood. Carl was born on the 28 th of June in Polk County Minnesota, his parents Johann and Matilda were East Prussian immigrants. Carl was raised on a farm with 4 other siblings, when his father abandoned the family Carl was enraged and started a life of crime. Carl Panzram started stealing from a young age.
Carl Panzram
Carl Panzram
Carl Panzram

Half his life was spent in jails, prisons, and reform schools, about 20 years. In these institutions, he served under his name and a number of aliases.

He was also sentenced once in Washington D. While incarcerated, Panzram was in frequent squabbles with guards. He would attack them, insult them, harass them, and fail to follow their orders.

As retaliation, the guards would beat him and subject him to other forms of punishments. He would also rape and harass his fellow inmates.

Being 6-foot tall and having a large stature gave him an advantage over his victims. Having been exposed to hard labor in most of the prisons he was sentenced, he had built his physical strength, which became a weapon against the men he raped.

He was always in vandalism and arson, and because his whole life was all about robbery and other acts of atrocities, he was able to rape more than men and young boys.

If there was a Carl Panzram book to tell all his criminal activities, the book would fill a library. To him, every day he was alive was a good day to perform a heinous act.

In some days, he would carry out multiple criminal activities, and to him, that was normal. In his musings to his prison guard friend Henry Lesser, he talks of some of the major criminal activities that got him arrested and some that were never detected.

Quick Note: If you want to read more about Carl Panzram I couldn't recommend Panzram: A Journal Of A Murder more. It features lots of his original autobiographical writings and is a highly interesting read.

On June, , he broke into a house in Astoria, Oregon. While trying to sell items he had stolen, he was apprehended by the police, convicted, and sentenced to seven years in prison.

On June 24, the same year, he started serving his sentence at Oregon State Penitentiary, Salem. There was nothing to rectify his behavior in this facility.

According to him, the prison only made him worse. Warden Harry Minto, in Salem, was a firm believer in punitive measures in jail.

He tortured, beat, isolated, and mistreated the inmates. While in Salem, Panzram swore to never do the seven year sentence.

He defied the warden and the guards and started looking for ways to escape. The same year he was imprisoned, he helped Otto Hooker, a fellow inmate, escape from prison.

Otto tried staying away from recapture and in doing so, he killed Warden Harry. This was the first known time that Panzram was involved in a murder case.

He was taken as an accessory for the case. While at Salem, Panzram took part in hundreds of disciplinary actions due to his defiance to orders from authorities.

He spent a day solitary confinement in the jail feeding on cockroaches, but never reformed. On September 18, , he escaped from prison.

He was recaptured after a number of shootouts with the police and was sent back. On May 12, , he escaped from Salem the second time.

This time, he was careful not to be recaptured. He hitchhiked on a freight headed east and never came back to the Northwest. His autobiography starts with him accepting that he killed at least 21 people — those that he can remember.

He might have killed more than double that number especially given that he had poisoned municipal water with arsenic.

His murder spree started in There, he stole jewelry, bonds, and other things and among them was a Colt M Taft was the one who approved his sentence at Leavenworth Prison and Panzram saw this burglary as payback.

With the stolen handgun, Panzram started a criminal career that lasted 8 years in different countries. He had stolen enough money from Taft to buy himself a yacht, dubbed the Akiska.

After he bought the yacht, he used to lure sailors from bars in New York City. He would get them drunk, take them to dark places, rape them, and shoot them with the pistol he stole from Taft.

In any event, it's hard not to feel sympathy for Panzram as he recounts all the various ways he was tortured as a child. That is, until he starts listing all of his crimes.

Then it becomes clear that monsters beget monsters and I find myself having a hard time refuting his lament that he didn't get to murder the entire human race.

Panzram wants us to believe that he is absolved of all guilt because of what he endured. He learned early on that "might makes right.

Yet the most vexing experience he encountered was the jail warden who did not treat him like an animal, did not beat him, but showed him respect and treated him with dignity.

Panzram's confusion is apparent and, for a time, he acted like a human being in return. Until he didn't. Then it becomes clear that there is no redemption for a sociopath.

You do not redeem wild animals. You put them down. A challenging, fascinating, and terrifying look into the mind of a beast. A scary scary perspective.

Jan 12, Joseph Knecht rated it it was ok. Carl started as we all start, as an innocent young boy, but turned into a monster.

Based on his writing, the fault was not only his, but the people around him also made him a monster. He was just a little more cruel and vicious than them.

He starts the book by saying that if his writing doesn't destroy the fate in human beings than nothing will. I still have faith.

I would not recommend this book I hate the whole darned human race "including myself. All that I leave behind me is smoke, death, desolation and damnation.

I am sorry for only two things. These two things are: I am sorry that I have mistreated some few animals in my lifetime and I am sorry that I am unable to murder the whole darned human race.

Aug 20, Emmanuel rated it really liked it. Carl's whole life was dedicated to sowing misery and destruction wherever he went.

He travelled the US setting fire to whatever he could, bumming men and boys, and murdering constantly. It's amazing how many times he went to prison, and how many times he was able to escape, or was released, only to carry on his vicious lifestyle, relatively unimpeded.

His disregard for the human race was unparalleled and it was built on a foundation of his own brutal, and constant suffering from a young age, wel Carl's whole life was dedicated to sowing misery and destruction wherever he went.

His disregard for the human race was unparalleled and it was built on a foundation of his own brutal, and constant suffering from a young age, well into his older years.

Every school or prison he went to he was treated poorly at least and tortured at worst, and being the type of person to fight back every time, he became the master of fighting back, until he was out to get revenge on the whole world.

You can hear the whole story laid out the way I did, from The Last Podcast on the Left's three part podcast. Great podcast; I read this whole autobiography in Henry's Snake Plissken voice.

Sep 18, Nijhia rated it it was amazing. This was a short read, a bit hard due to the way it was written in its original format.

The book told of a really gruesome story filled with both abandonment, abuse and terrible living conditions. Once again he had been caught for stealing.

Life at Oregon State Penitentiary was tough — the guards took an immediate dislike to Panzram probably because he refused to cooperate and made his life a living hell.

They constantly beat him, hung him from rafters and placed him in solitary confinement. While in solitary confinement, Panzram ate little else but cockroaches.

During his first year of imprisonment at Oregon State Penitentiary, Panzram helped one of the inmates — Otto Hooker — escape. Panzram decided not to stick around the penitentiary either.

In he escaped but was caught and returned back to prison. Undeterred by his failure, Panzram escaped once again just a year later in In , Panzram bought a yacht named the Akiska.

That same year he began luring drunk American soldiers from bars to his yacht, where he raped them, killed them, and dumped their bodies in an Atlantic Ocean estuary.

The Akiska eventually sank and Panzram decided to head towards Africa. He got off in Angola where he raped and killed a young boy. But Panzram was not satisfied.

He wanted more death, more destruction, more blood. A few days later, he killed six local guides who were about to take him on a crocodile hunting expedition.

This time, he avoided capture and caught a freight train heading east. In , Panzram committed his first murders. He lured sailors in New York away from bars, got them drunk, raped and shot them and dumped their remains into the river.

He claimed to have killed ten in all. He was stopped only when the vessel he was in was shipwrecked near Atlantic City, New Jersey; his last two potential victims escaped to parts unknown.

Panzram then went to Luanda, Angola, where he claims to have raped and killed an or year-old boy. In his confession to this murder, he wrote: "His brains were coming out of his ears when I left him and he will never be any deader.

Back in America, Panzram claimed he shot a man dead for trying to rob him. He also asserted that he raped and killed two small boys, beating the former to death with a rock on July 18, in Salem, Massachusetts and strangling the latter later that year in New Haven, Connecticut.

After his last arrest in , he also claimed to have committed a murder while burglarizing homes between Baltimore and Washington, D. Three of these last five killings are confirmed.

With the death of the Oregon prison warden, Panzram was involved in at least one murder, as an accessory before the fact, prior to In , Panzram was arrested for burglary and held in Washington, D.

During his interrogation and jail time, he voluntarily confessed to killing two boys. At this time, he was befriended by a young prison guard named Henry Lesser Lesser gave Panzram some writing materials which the prisoner used to write his autobiography, detailing his crimes and his nihilistic philosophy:.

For all these things I am not in the least bit sorry". In light of his extensive criminal record, he was handed a year sentence which was to be served at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.

Panzram was sentenced to death. He refused to appeal, even threatening to kill human rights groups that attempted to appeal on his behalf.

Panzram was hanged on September 5, When they put the noose around his neck, he allegedly spat in his executioner's face and declared, "I wish all mankind had one neck so I could choke it!

I could kill ten men while you're fooling around! Henry Lesser pressed for the manuscript to be published for forty years, and it finally was released in as Killer: A Journal of a Murder.

It has gone through a number of reprints, the latest being in The movie Killer: A Journal Of Murder was based on Panzram's final years, with James Woods as Panzram and Robert Sean Leonard as Lesser.

Lesser donated the Carl Panzram papers archival material to the San Diego State University in OCLC: The song "Reminiscences of a Minnesota State Training School Alumnus, Class of ," by the New York orchestral-pop band Flare from their album Cut Affairs of the Heart features a Panzramesque figure extolling his prowess as a killer and lover , to the accompaniment of massed horns, strings, ukuleles and keyboards.

LD Beghtol wrote, arranged and sings lead on this surreal vaudeville tune. Carl Panzram. During his final prison stretch in the late 's, Carl Panzram confessed to twenty-one murders,.

Panzram was born on June 28, to Prussian migrant parents in Minnesota. Carl Panzram was a person always in trouble. Then again three years later, when a string of burglaries landed him in reform school, he retaliated by burning the place down.

He would leave the institution at age thirteen, filled with the knowledge that would last him a lifetime -- "how to steal, lie, hate, burn and kill" He went home to his mother, who was grieicng over the drowning death of her favourite son, so Panzram moved on again.

He ran away to pursue a transient life. In a boxcar he was gang raped by four hobos. I left that box a sadder, sicker but wiser boy The bums seemed to have taught Carl another valuable lesson: "I had learned that a rectum could be used for other purposes than crepitating".

He also joined the army for a short stint, he was drunk when he enlistd which may accoutn for his un-army like behaviour which culminated in a court-martial and three years at Leavenworth.

He is still there, unless the buzzards and coyotes have finished the last of him long ago. At one point during his trips Carl killed a young boy.

This is how he explained it in his own words: "I sat down to think things over a bit. While I was sitting there, a little kid about eleven or twelve years old came bumming around.

He was looking for something. He found it too. I took him out to a gravel pit about one quarter mile away.

I left him there, but first committed sodomy on him and then killed him. His brains were coming out of his ears when I left him, and he will never be any deader.

He embarked on a career of spectacular brutality. Traveling around the world -- South America, Europe, Africa and US -- leaving a wake of corpses in his stead.

With proceeds from one of his many robberies Panzram bought a yacht, named the John O'Leary a name he would adopt himself, and lured ten sailors aboard with the promise of free bootleg liquor.

However this was not meant to be, after the sailors drank themselves into oblivion, Panzram drugged the men, raped them, slit their throats and dumped them overboard.

Later, in West Africa, he hired eight native guides to help him hunt crocodiles. Instead, he killed his hired hands, sodomized their corpses and fed them to the hungry reptiles "for sport.

When he returned to the United States in , Panzram was arrested for a string of burglaries. He was sentenced to 20 years. There, he vowed he'd "kill the first man that crosses me".

Robert Warnke , a civilian laundry man was in the wrong place at the wrong time, Panzram took and iron bar and smashed the man's skull in.

He was sentenced to Death Row for the murder, where he befriended a jailer, Henry Lesser, who listened intently to Panzram's story and would later publish it.

Even when human rights organisations tried to have his life spared, Panzram would retort: "I prefer to die that way, and if I have a soul and if that soul should burn in Hell for a million years, still I prefer that to a lingering, agonizing death in some prison dungeon or a padded cell in a mad house The only thanks you or your kind will ever get from me for your efforts on my behalf is that I wish you all had one neck and that I had my hands on it I have no desire to reform myself.

My only desire is to reform people who try to reform me, and I believe that the only way to reform people is to kill'em.

Finally he got his wish and was due to be hanged on September 5, Bitter to the end, Panzram went to his maker with a curse on his lips: "Hurry up you Hoosier bastard", he snarled at the executioner preparing the noose.

Born on June 28, , on a Minnesota farm, Carl Panzram was trouble from the beginning. Stuck at home with a hard-working, unloving mother after his father and brothers slipped away one-by-one, he made his first court appearance at the age of eight for drunkenness and went downhill from there.

At twelve years old he was sent to a boy's school after being caught stealing and subsequently began urinating and masturbating into beverages that he served to officers at the school and was found dumping rat poison into a commander's coffee.

Not done yet, Panzram set fire to and dstroyed the school's warehouse. It was the beginning of a cycle that would repeat itself in his future life in adult prisons: cause trouble, be punished severely, stubbornly refuse to break, and cause even more trouble.

Consumed by hatred of all mankind by the time he was released, Panzram began robbing his way across the United States and throughout the world, spending much of his time in prisons until he began killing around While refitting a yacht he had bought with stolen cash Penzram hired a succession of workers to help him out.

When they were no longer of use or he tired of their company he would shoot them dead, ten in all. The cold-blooded killer next traveled to Africa and killed a young boy before he mass-murdered six men that had been hired to assist him in a crocodile hunt.

The croc's got to feast on the men's corpses instead. Panzram was arrested and jailed several more times after his return to America during which time he produced the memoirs from which most of what is known of him has been taken.

In these writings Panzram claimed to "have committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, larcenies, arsons, and last but not least I have committed sodomy on more than a thousand male human beings.

In fact, many believe the twenty-one kills he admitted to was probably much lower than the actual total.

Panzram added another kill to his total on June 6, , when he murdered a laundry foreman in Leavenworth Prison and was finally sentenced to death for the crime.

He personally wrote President Herbert Hoover to ensure his sentence would not be delayed and on the fateful day practically ran to the prison's gallows where he was executed by hanging on September 5, Carl Panzram's criminal career started at the age of nine when he was arrested for being drunk, and by eleven he was already in reform school.

It was here that he first learned true sadism, as he was tried, naked, to a wooden block and beaten regularly. Eventually he joined the army to try and straighten himself out, but he ended up doing three years in a military jail for insubordination.

The turning point in Panzrams life came in when, on yet another charge, he made a deal with the D. Panzrams swore revenge, and also said he'd never serve the full sentence.

During his time at Oregon State Penitentiary Panzram continuously attempted escape, usually ending with him being beaten. He even set fire to the prison on two seperate occations, he also started riots.

Once, while assigned to the kitchen, Panzram got hold of an axe and smashed everything in sight. Eventually, in May , he escaped for good.

Panzram spent the next few years travelling. He first went to South America, then Europe, even spending a little time in prison in Glasgow.

He eventually went back to the U. This was the BIG STEP. He then sailed around robbing other yachts at will, until again being arrested, spending six more months in jail.

Upon realease Panzram headed to the Congo. I took him out to a gravel pit about one-quarter mile away. His brains were coming out of his ears when i left him, and he will never be any deader.

There I hired a canoe and six niggers and went out hunting in the bay and backwaters. I was looking for crocodiles. I found them, plenty.

They were hungry. I fed them. I shot all six of those niggers and dumped 'em in. The crocks done the rest.

I stole their canoe and went back to town. Panzram continued travelling, and killing until he was arrested for burglery in Larchmont, N.

At this stage he had commited twenty murders, all unknown by police. He recieved five years for his crime, and while attempting to escape fell 30 feet ionto concrete, breaking both ankles.

Neither brakes was set, with the bones allowed to set themselves, assuring Panzram would be left with a pronounced limp.

Upon release Panzram was again arrested for robbery, this time in Washington. It was here that Panzram made his now famous threat, "I'll kill the first man that bothers me.

For this murder Panzram was given the death sentence. One of Panzrams last victims was in fact killed because he was attempting to rob him.

I think he may have been more than a little suprised by his intended victim pulling a gun and proceeding to rape and kill him.

The best friend Panzram ever had was a prison guard, Henry Lesser, who eventually wrote out Panzams life story. He boasted of committing over acts of sodomy.

No mean feat I think. His final words were "Hurry it up, I could hang a dozen men while your fooling around.

I hate the whole damned human race, including myself I preyed upon the weak, the harmless and the unsuspecting. This lesson I was taught by others : Might makes right.

Some say Carl Panzram was a victim of the penal system, while others say he was born bad. Whatever he was, he was an unrepentant, incorrigible criminal.

His criminal career started at an early age. At age eight he was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. At age eleven, he was put into reform school for burglaries.

According to Carl, he learned all of his criminal attributes in reform schools and prisons, and proceeded to use this knowledge on anyone and everyone who crossed his path.

After serving a three year sentence at Leavenworth Prison, he went on a killing spree which spanned two continents. On one occasion he hired eight black workers to help him hunt crocodiles in Africa.

Instead, he killed the men, sodomized their dead bodies, and fed them to the crocodiles. On another occasion he rented a yacht and invited sailors aboard, promising them free liquor.

Carl drugged, raped, and slit the throats off all the sailors, then threw their bodies overboard. On June 16, , he strangled a New York woman for fun.

Then on August 16, he was arrested for a string of burglaries and sent back to Leavenworth Prison. He said once in prison, he would kill the first person who crossed him.

His unsuspecting victim was Robert Warnke, a laundry foreman in the prison. He crushed his skull on June 20, , and was sentenced to be hanged for this crime.

While awaiting his sentence during the last part of , Carl confessed to 21 murders, countless felonies, and more than one thousand acts of sodomy.

No one was aware of these crimes until he confessed to them. He said "for all these things, I am not the least bit sorry. On September 5, , he was hanged, but as the executioner prepared the noose, Carl taunted "Hurry it up, you bastard, I could hang a dozen men while you're fooling around.

Location of Kills : West Africa and Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. In the 's, after a life of crime and jail sentences, Carl Panzram began killing people.

Panzram stole a large amount of money, with this money he purchased a yacht. He lured ten sailors onboard by promising free liquor. When they were all drunk he raped each one, shot them, and then dumped them into the ocean.

Soon after he hired eight Africans Panzram was in West Africa to help him hunt crocodiles. He raped each African, shot each one, then fed the corpses to the crocodiles.

In , Panzram returned to America and was arrested for burglary. He was serving his time in Ft. Apparently, someone bothered Panzram, so Panzram smashed the other man's skull in.

For this murder, Panzram was sentenced to death. A son of Prussian immigrants, born at Warren, Minnesota, in , Panzram logged his first arrest age eight, for drunk and disorderly conduct.

Paroled to his mother's custody in , he ran away from home soon afterward. Life on the road meant more conflict with the law, and Panzram spent time in various juvenile institutions.

He volunteered for the army while drunk, but could not adapt to the discipline. Court-martialed for theft of government property in April , he served 37 months in Leavenworth before his release from prison - and military service - in Upon discharge, Panzram described himself as "the spirit of meanness personified.

After one big score, he hired a yacht and lured several sailors out with promises of liquor; once on board, the men were drugged and raped, then murdered, their bodies dumped into the sea.

In Portuguese West Africa, Panzram hired eight blacks to help him hunt for crocodiles, then killed them, sodomized their corpses, and fed them to the hungry reptiles.

Back in New York, he strangled a Kingston woman on June 16, , "for the fun it gave me. Conviction earned him 20 years in Leavenworth, where he promised to kill the first man who "crossed" him.

His victim, selected without apparent motive, was Robert Warnke, a civilian laundry foreman. Panzram crushed his skull on June 20, , and was promptly sentenced to hang.

From death row, the killer wrote, "In my lifetime I have murdered 21 human beings, I have committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, larcenies, arsons and last but not least I have committed sodomy on more than 1, male human beings.

For all these things I am not in the least bit sorry. Born on 28 June in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Carl Panzram was the last of 8 children born to a poor German - American farming couple.

Life in the Panzram household was extremely tough, with the children going to school in the daytime and being forced to work in the fields upon their return.

Most of Carl's brothers left the family home as soon as they were able, usually on the back of some trouble with the law. Carl's father followed this example in , and left his family.

This seems to have been a disastrous turning point for Carl, as it was this act that led him to his Criminal Career. At the age of eight Panzram was in front of a judge on a charge of being drunk and disorderly.

This was the first of many incidents Carl was involved in up until , when, aged 11, he burgled a neighbours house and stole money and a pistol.

For this, Panzram was sent to the Minnesota State Training School, Red Wing. This facility operated on a strict regime of brutality, sexual abuse and Christian indoctrination, and served little purpose apart from hardening Panzram's hatred of authority into a deep-rooted obsession.

Panzram's eventual response to this treatment was to burn the place to the ground. In , Panzram was released into the care of his mother, but soon ran off to commit robberies and burn churches to the ground.

Whilst wandering the country Panzram was raped in a boxcar by four hoboes, instilling yet another burning revenge within Panzram.

He began to rape hoboes, with little or no preference, even forcing hoboes to rape each other at gunpoint. Once, Panzram was caught in a boxcar by a brakeman, and forced the hobo he was in the process of raping to rape the brakeman, before doing it himself.

Panzram was eventually caught and sent to the Montana State Reformatory, where he quickly escaped from jail. Panzram's next move was to join the army, where he was court martialled on 20 April for insubordination and theft of government property.

Panzram spent the next three years at Fort Leavenworth doing hard labour, building his strength and his hatred of authority up.

After Panzram's release in , he moved north through California and the Pacific Northwest Region, robbing, assaulting and burning down churches.

Arrested in Chinook, Michigan, for burglary, Panzram was sentenced to a year in jail but escaped after 8 months. He was arrested a year later using the alias Jefferson Rhoades, and spent 2 years in jail.

Panzram continued in this way until he was arrested in Oregon. He was offered a minimal sentence for revealing the whereabouts of stolen goods, and was sentenced to seven years when he did this.

This enraged Panzram, who broke out of his cell and wrecked and burnt the jail. He was beaten to within an inch of his life by the guards, including having both his ankles broken, and was transferred to the toughest prison in the state, the Salem Correctional Facility.

Panzram showed no sign of mellowing there, however. At the earliest opportunity, he flung his chamber pot into the face of a guard, which led to him being beaten unconscious and chained to a cell door for 30 days.

This did not break his spirit, however, and he spent the entire time venting his fury on those in earshot. After this, Panzram managed to burn down the prison workshop and flax mill, incite a prison revolt and go berserk with an axe.

This earnt him another 7 years in jail. The next warden of the prison was a kindness idealist who attempted to communicate to Panzram using kindness.

He let Panzram out of the prison gates on condition that he return that evening. To Panzram's astonishment, he returned.

This came to an end when Panzram absconded with a pretty nurse, only to be recaptured after a gunfight.

He was returned to a punishment cell, fed on bread and water, and regularly beaten and sprayed with a fire hose.

He finally constructed his own tools and escaped from the prison in May Panzram headed to the east of America, and jumped on a ship sailing around South America, where he worked in several places, including a Peru copper mine and an oil rig in Chile which he later burnt down for no apparent reason.

With this, he bought a yacht, and after hiring 10 sailors to refit it, he raped them and tossed them overboard.

Panzram eventually headed for West Africa, where he continued his murder spree, raping a 12 year old boy and smashing his head in with a rock.

He once went crocodile hunting and ended up feeding the 6 black porters he had hired to the crocodiles.

Back in the USA Panzram raped and killed 3 more boys, stole a boat and killed the man on board. He was eventually caught and sentenced to five years in Sing Sing.

The prison guards at Sing Sing were totally unprepared for a personality and fury the size of Panzram's, and he was sent to Dannemora's Clinton Prison, usually considered the end of any criminal's line.

The beatings were more frequent and savage, and Panzram further smashed his leg after falling from one of the cellblock upper tiers.

Panzram passed his days here fantasising about plotting his revenge against the entire human race. He planned to blow up a railway tunnel whilst a train was passing through it; to poison an entire city by putting arsenic in the water supply; to start a war between Britain and the USA by blowing up a British battleship in US waters.

The infamous "Vampire of Dusseldorf", Peter Kurten, another self-confessed people hater, chillingly echoed these fantasies in the 's.

An escape attempt from Clinton Prison led to Panzram being suspended by a rope from a beam with his hands tied behind his back, a torture he endured for 12 hours at a time.

At all times Panzram's fierce spirit shone through, causing him to curse and scream for hours on end. Despite this treatment one of the guards sympathised with him.

The guard, Henry Lesser, was fascinated with Panzram and slipped him a pencil and some paper. Panzram later recalled in his autobiography that this was the most extreme act of kindness he had ever received.

In his autobiography, Panzram was severely self critical, commenting on how he had broken every one of God's laws, and that if there had been more laws in existence, he would have broken them too.

Panzram was released again in , and celebrated his release with 11 robberies and one murder. Captured and sentenced to 25 years, he followed up his threat of killing the first man to bother him by beating to death mild-mannered civilian laundry supervisor Robert G Warnke with an iron bar.

Panzram received a death sentence for this murder. Panzram's autobiography was impressing people in the social circles, but Panzram flatly refused their offer of campaigning for a reprieve, accepting his fate with strange enthusiasm.

Panzram even turned on Lesser towards the end, questioning his reasoning with hostility. The end finally came for Panzram on 5 September , when he stood on the gallows.

Asked by the hangman if her had any last words, he replied "Yes, hurry it up, you Hosier bastard. I could hang a dozen men while your fooling around".

One of history's most brutal killers was finally dead, leaving a total of 21 people he claimed to have killed, thousands of robberies, burglaries and arson attacks, and the sodomy of over men.

He found it, too. I left him there, but first I committed sodomy on him and then killed him. Carl Panzram June 28, — September 5, was an American serial killer.

While imprisoned, Panzram wrote an articulate autobiography about his life and his descent into crime. Many of the claims he made in it are unverified.

He was a remorseless, vicious killer, a child rapist, a man with no soul. Born in rural Minnesota in , he began a life-long odyssey of crime and murder at the age of eight.

By the time he was eleven, his family sent him off to a reform school as part of a plea bargain on a burglary charge. Repeatedly sodomized and physically tortured during his two years at the juvenile home, his emotional problems grew progressively worse.

As a teenager, he enjoyed setting fires so he could watch buildings burn and often fantasized about committing mass murder. After he raped and murdered a year-old boy in , he joyfully recalled the killing: "His brains were coming out of his ears when I left him.

I am not sorry. My conscious doesn't bother me. I sleep sound and have sweet dreams. His name was Carl Panzram, one of America 's most ferocious, unrepentant serial killers.

Embittered by years of torture, beatings and sexual abuse both in and out of prison, Panzram evolved into a man who was meanness personified.

He hated everyone, including himself. He spent most of his chaotic life in prisons where archaic methods of repression included physical tortures that were reminiscent of medieval times.

But when he was on the loose, Panzram murdered, raped and burned his way across the country in a mission of destruction that was unlike anything law enforcement had ever seen before.

Carl Panzram


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