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hnlich wie beim Telefonieren ber Internet und dem Voice-over-Internet-Protocol-Standard (VoIP) wird auch das Fernsehen schleichend bereits immer fter per IPTV abgewickelt. Die Resonanz ist gro, gibt es durchaus auch Fans die die neuen Episoden gerne sehen, die Serie fortzufhren, die erste Abfuhr.

Stargate Movie

Mit dem Stargate-Film wurde der Grundstein für das ganze Stargate-Franchise und damit für alle nachfolgenden Filme und Serien gelegt. Kairo, Bei Ausgrabungen wird unter dem Schlussstein einer Pyramide ein rätselhaftes Gebilde gefunden. Niemand ahnt, welche Bedeutung es haben. Top-Angebote für Stargate Film online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl.

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Stargate ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film des deutschen Regisseurs Roland Emmerich aus dem Jahr Die Hauptrollen spielen Kurt Russell. It is a great film to watch and the first film that started the series of Stargate; 10 seasons and a final 2 films as well as 2 separate series. Lesen Sie weiter. 4. Dieser Film begründete das Stargate-Franchise mit den Serien Stargate – Kommando SG-1, Stargate Atlantis und Stargate Universe. Es gibt außerdem noch.

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007: Dean Devlin, Co-Writer and Producer of \

Stargate Movie The advantage being that you don't 'travel' through hyperspace for hours on end. Awards Episodes Cabaret Desire Stream 1 2. For the film, see Stargate film. However, he stepped down as a main character at the end of season eight and only appeared in select episodes in seasons nine and ten.

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Djimon Hounsou. O'Neil, Doktor Jackson und die Soldaten gehen zum aktivierten Stargate. Die Geschichte des Films wurde in den darauffolgenden Jahren in den Serien Stargate SG-1Alexandra Schiffer Atlantis und Stargate Universe weitergeführt. Plötzlich erfasst ihn ein Strahl vom Raumschiff aus.
Stargate Movie Stargate is the second Roland Emmerich feature, and is a flawed, but somewhat enjoyable effort from a director who is very hit and miss. Stargate is a fun, entertaining picture that is visually 53%(47). When Professor Daniel Jackson (James Spader) innocently accepts the offer of a mysterious woman to decode an ancient Egyptian artifact know only as the Stargate, he unwittingly takes the first step on an epic adventure that will span the galaxies and decide the fate of an entire planet. Colonel Jack O'Neil (Kurt Russell) a true soldier with nerves of steel and a tragic past, is brought back to. 5/20/ · Watch Stargate Full Movie @ Free OnlineReleased on: May 19, Description: The pilot movie for the Stargate SG-1 series " Rising " (). Stargate SG Children of the Gods - Final Cut is a special-release DVD, re-releasing the Stargate SG-1 television pilot, "Children of the Gods". The film was edited; given sharper and clearer imaging, re-scoring the music, and new and trimmed scenes, including the removal of the controversial scene showing full-frontal nudity. 3. Also consistent with the same story are a variety of books, video games and comic books, as well as the direct-to-DVD movies Stargate: Children of the Gods, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, and Stargate: Continuum, which concluded the first television show after 10 seasons. In , Stargate Universe, the last Stargate program on television, ended. Stargate is a science fiction adventure film directed and co-written by Roland film is the first entry in the Stargate franchise and stars Kurt Russell, James Spader, Jaye Davidson, Alexis Cruz, Mili Avital, and Viveca Lindfors. Stargate, the film The only logical place to start is the movie Stargate, which is where any Stargate watch-through list should begin. This is the film that created and launched the.

But it then turns into an interminable exercise in special effects and not-so-special fisticuffs. Quentin Curtis. What Emmerich achieves is a sense of grand scale that makes the film fun to watch as a space adventure.

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Clear your history. The film and subsequent television series depict how the device is kept under the control of the United States government, who use it to conduct interplanetary missions by dialing the thousands of stargates located in the galaxy, which are the legacy of an ancient civilization.

The expeditions originally had the goal of acquiring extremely rare resources, new technology and detecting threats; but often face scientific and humanitarian issues and the dilemmas of interacting with different societies.

Finally they resulted in a unified United Nation -coalition to better support the constant need to continue the program to defend Earth from invading aliens.

Combined with the notion that the Stargate is a secret, Stargate productions are notable for presenting no contradiction with reality, being set in the present day on an otherwise normal Earth, and being dominated by human interaction in the galaxy.

In the story of the film, this is explained as being the result of forced deportations by aliens, with the suggestion that most ancient mythologies are the result of aliens posing as gods in the distant past as in unproven ancient astronauts.

The longest-running series, Stargate SG-1 , sets the context having the Milky Way galaxy as a failed state in which Goa'uld System Lords war against each other, due to the death of Ra in the film undermining the existing social structure of the System Lords due to Ra's status as the Supreme System Lord.

Goa'uld used superior technology to pose as gods to the human populations who had been deported from Earth to everywhere in the galaxy with evidence suggesting that most Goa'uld believe their propaganda ; these people are kept in poverty, ignorance and slavery.

The US Stargate Command represents simultaneously a higher level of civilization and a lower level of technology during conflicts. Only a small portion of stargate addresses do not lead to planets dominated by the Goa'uld.

Due to multiple developers working separately and independently on the franchise over the years, the various Stargate productions are not entirely consistent with each other; and while no set of works forms an official canon , the largest following exists for the three live-action series.

In , the military science fiction feature film Stargate was released, directed by Roland Emmerich and co-written by Emmerich and Dean Devlin.

The film lays the foundation for all the Stargate productions that come after it, by explaining the notion, function, and history of the Stargate.

The film begins with the unearthing of the Stargate in Giza in In a present day , i. A team led by Colonel Jack O'Neil Kurt Russell is ordered to step through the Stargate and identify potential military threats on the other side.

Jackson accompanies them to operate the other Stargate with his knowledge of the coordinate system. The team discovers a slave civilization serving an alien who is posing as the Egyptian god Ra Jaye Davidson.

Ra and his minions have taken human form, dominating the slaves with brute force. With the help of the locals, O'Neil's team is eventually able to instigate a slave rebellion , overwhelming Ra's forces.

Ra escapes in his mothership, but O'Neil is able to teleport a nuclear warhead on-board Ra's ship in orbit and detonate it.

With Ra dead, the civilization can live in peace; O'Neil and his team return home through the Stargate, but Daniel Jackson stays on the planet with a young local woman named Sha'uri.

After Bill McCay had written a series of five novels continuing the story the original creators had envisioned, and despite the success of the Stargate television series, Dean Devlin stated in that "he has struck a production deal with MGM and is developing the long-delayed sequel feature films that will pick up the story from the original.

Devlin regretted giving MGM control over the franchise. MGM owns the rights, and I doubt very much that they'll ask him to do it.

He knows better. Plans for producing two sequels of the original film were announced by the original film's creator Dean Devlin at the San Diego Comic-Con.

He was in talks with MGM to produce four films and he wanted two of them to be the final two films in his envisioned Stargate trilogy.

In an interview with Sci Fi Wire , Devlin said that should the sequels be made, he hoped to enlist Kurt Russell and James Spader in the two sequels.

Both Russell and Spader expressed interest, Devlin revealed. The irony is actually because it was 12 years ago that we made Stargate, [and] part two was actually supposed to take place about 12 years later.

We were just going to kind of age them up as actors. So it actually works out really nicely. Dean Devlin spoke out again on July 4, stating that he hadn't given up on the idea of sequels to his feature film.

He talked about the idea again in a new interview with Collider. Devlin actually wrote it as a trilogy of movies, but was never able to do parts two and three.

His hope was, as the series started to wind down, that perhaps it would be time to actually get to do parts two and three.

Devlin has said "I think it'll change a little bit from our original idea since so many years have passed. We had really planned out, as a trilogy of films, to allow this mythology to grow bigger and bigger.

In , Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright co-developed Stargate SG-1 , a television series intended to continue the story laid down by the original film.

Although new actors were cast, several roles from the film were reprised, including the main characters Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill which was re-spelled to include an extra "L".

The Stargate Command setting was transferred from a fictional military facility located in Creek Mountain, to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

Other variations and differences between the original film and SG-1 mostly concern the location of the planet Abydos , the alien Ra , the race of Ra's underlings Jaffa , and Stargate travel.

The series debuted on Showtime on July 27, , and moved to the Sci-Fi Channel after its fifth season. Davis respectively playing the new characters Samantha Carter , Teal'c and George Hammond.

The cast remained fairly regular for most of SG-1' s run, but experienced some changes. Michael Shanks left the show at the end of Season 5 and was replaced by Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn.

Shanks returned at the beginning of Season 7 and Nemec was written out. At the end of Season 7 Davis left the show and Anderson filled the gap he left in the story.

Season 9 saw the departure of Anderson , but added new regulars Beau Bridges and Ben Browder. After a debut episode in Season 8, followed by appearances in eight episodes of Season 9, Claudia Black 's popular reception earned her a position in the regular cast in Season In June , " Children of the Gods ", Stargate SG-1 ' s pilot episode, was re-cut into a Stargate SG-1 direct-to-DVD movie with brand new visual effects and scenes not previously included in the television version.

The Stargate Atlantis series follows the adventures of the "Atlantis expedition", a combination of military forces and civilian scientists that travel to the Pegasus Galaxy in search of the Lost City of Atlantis , left behind by the most powerful race known to ever have lived, referred to as the Ancients , also known as Lanteans and Alterans.

The finding of the city had been a plot arc for most of SG-1' s Season 7, and the Ancients themselves had been a long-running facet of the SG-1 setting.

Arriving at the city, the expedition discovers Atlantis rests at the bottom of an ocean, protected by shields keeping the city habitable.

As the Atlantis expedition team explores the myriad corridors and equipment, they quickly drain the already nearly depleted power source known as a ZPM allowing the shields to hold and Atlantis to remain watertight.

Through an emergency default program, Atlantis detects this sudden power drop and activates a failsafe, causing the city to surface and appear as an island in the middle of an ocean.

Using small ships discovered in the city, team members fly and discover the mainland, where they explore, meet the indigenous population, and learn that the Pegasus galaxy is dominated by a terrible enemy known as the " Wraith.

Despite being vastly outnumbered, the team must defend and protect the city, the locals, and the entire expedition. Stargate Atlantis was a spin-off television series from Stargate SG A new feature film was originally intended to transition the two series after the sixth season of SG Later, SG-1 was renewed for a seventh season, and the feature film was then planned to transition that season.

Finally, when SG-1 was renewed for an eighth season, the intended film instead became the two-part season finale episode " Lost City ", and the setting of Stargate Atlantis was moved to the Pegasus galaxy.

Atlantis was developed by most of the same people and in the same studios as SG Atlantis debuted on the Sci-Fi Channel on July 16, , starring Joe Flanigan and Torri Higginson in the lead roles, with Rainbow Sun Francks , David Hewlett , and Rachel Luttrell alongside.

Hewlett and Higginson's characters had previously appeared in SG-1 though Higginson inherited the role from actress Jessica Steen.

In Atlantis' second season, Paul McGillion and Jason Momoa replacing Francks were added as regulars.

At the end of the third season, Higginson and McGillion were removed as regulars, both serving recurring roles in the 4th season.

Season 4 brought in Amanda Tapping, reprising her role as Samantha Carter from SG-1, and Jewel Staite in a recurring role. Tapping left the show for season five to concentrate on Sanctuary , and was replaced by Robert Picardo , who reprised his role as Richard Woolsey from both SG-1 and Atlantis.

However, in late summer it was announced that SciFi would not renew Atlantis. The final episode aired on January 9, Stargate Universe is the third live-action Stargate series, and premiered on October 2, The series was pitched to the Sci Fi Channel in the fall of , just before the writer's strike—which put a hold on the project.

Sci Fi Channel ordered Universe after announcing the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis. Syfy announced on December 16, that they would not pick the show up for a third season.

After the events of Stargate Atlantis , research into the Stargate's 9th and final chevron [32] leads to an expedition being stranded several billion light years from earth on board an Ancient ship called Destiny which has been traveling through the universe unmanned for millions of years.

The show follows the crew as they struggle to survive on board Destiny with no apparent way home. The show was intended to have a darker tone than its predecessors and delve more into the humanity of the characters and their relationships with each other.

Stargate: The Ark of Truth is a direct-to-DVD movie written and directed by Robert C. The film is the conclusion of Stargate SG-1 's Ori arc, and picks up after the SG-1 series finale, but takes place before the fourth season of Stargate Atlantis.

The Ark of Truth was released as a Region 1 DVD release on March 11, Sky One has broadcast the film on March 24, , to be followed by the Region 2 DVD release on April 28, , with the Region 4 DVD release on April 9, Stargate: Continuum is a direct-to-DVD movie written by Brad Wright and directed by Martin Wood.

Some scenes for this movie were already shot at the end of March , but the original start date was set for May 22 at Vancouver's Bridge Studios.

A firefight breaks out and Jackson is killed and the others are captured. Ra places Jackson's body in a sarcophagus -like device that regenerates him.

Ra then explains to Jackson that he has found a nuclear bomb O'Neil secretly brought with him, has used his alien technology to increase its explosive power a hundred-fold, and threatens to send it back through the Stargate.

Ra orders the human tribe to watch as he prepares to force Jackson to execute the others to demonstrate his power, but Skaara and his friends create a diversion that allows Jackson, O'Neil, Kawalsky, and Ferretti to escape, with Freeman being killed.

They flee to nearby caves to hide from Ra. Skaara and his friends celebrate, and Skaara draws out a sign of victory in a wall, which Jackson recognizes as the final symbol.

O'Neil and his remaining men aid Skaara in overthrowing the remaining overseers, and then launch an attack on Ra, who himself sends out fighter ships against the humans while he orders his ship to depart.

The humans outside are forced to surrender to the fighter ships' pilots when they run out of ammunition, but the rest of the tribe, having the true nature of their false gods revealed by Jackson, rebel against the pilots and overthrow them.

Sha'uri is killed, but Jackson takes her body and sneaks aboard Ra's ship using a teleportation system, leaving O'Neil to fight Ra's guard captain, Anubis.

Jackson places Sha'uri in the regeneration device, and she recovers, but Ra discovers them and attempts to kill Jackson. O'Neil activates the teleportation system, killing Anubis and allowing Jackson and Sha'uri to escape the ship.

O'Neil and Jackson use the teleporter to transport the bomb to Ra's ship and the ensuing blast destroys the ship in space, along with Ra.

The director's cut had several scenes which were cut from the theatrical release. The first such scene took place immediately after the excavation of the Stargate in and showed petrified Horus guards near the cover stones.

With this scene, the producers had tried to introduce the idea that beings had attempted to come through the Stargate after its burial but the scene was ultimately cut for time concerns.

The film in its original cut plays out in chronological order , as well as in the director's cut. When Devlin and Emmerich edited the film in the director's cut to tighten the narrative, they decided to add a scene at the very beginning of the film to show who the human host of Ra was before the aliens took him.

Only Davidson's upper torso was filmed because he had refused to take out his nipple rings. The scene of the excavation of the Stargate was also filmed in three days in Arizona.

A golden look was achieved by filming near the time of sunset. The original Stargate was painted black, but it looked like a giant tire so it was repainted silver at the last moment.

Daniel Jackson's lecture on his theories was filmed in a hotel in Los Angeles. Russell requested his hair color to be brightened a little for the film.

The mask of the pharaoh in the opening credits was made out of fiber glass and modeled in the workshop.

The sequence used a motion-control camera to give better depth of field. When Devlin and Emmerich first flew to London to meet with Arnold, they had not yet heard the score; hearing it, they felt "he had elevated the film to a whole other level".

Jeff Kleiser and Kleiser-Walczak Construction Co. They used self-written image-creation and compositing software, as well as commercial digital packages to create the Stargate, the morphing helmets worn by Ra and the Horus guards, and the cityscape of Nagada.

Footprints in the sand were often digitally removed. The creation of the wormhole, which was fully digital, was one of the biggest challenges in the making of the film.

The ripples had to be digitally composited to appear accurate and realistic. Scanning lasers were lined up parallel to the gate to illustrate the amount of body that passed the surface of the Stargate plane.

Afterwards, the parts of the body that had or had not yet gone through the gate depending of the side of filming were obliterated with a digital matte - a process that removes unwanted components from an individual frame or sequence of frames.

The film's score was composed by David Arnold , played by the Sinfonia of London and conducted by Nicholas Dodd.

At the time of production, Arnold had recently started to work in a local video store in London. Once hired, he spent several months in a hotel room working on the soundtrack, spending more time rewriting the music and improving it, during delays due to film companies trying to get the rights to distribution.

That was the basis for the Stargate score, moving forward with a sense of majesty instead of being frightened by what's around the corner.

Stargate was released on October 28, in the United States and released internationally in December of the same year. In the film was released on VHS and as a Dolby Digital -encoded laserdisc spanning two discs three sides.

The DVD format was re-released in October under the title Stargate Special Edition , and again in on VHS and a 2-disc DVD set with remastered theatrical and extended editions.

The film was released on Blu-ray format on August 29, In , Omar Zuhdi, a Shawnee high school teacher, filed a lawsuit against the makers and originators of the original movie, claiming that they stole the plot and story of his film script Egyptscape , as the basis of the film Stargate and thus the franchise Stargate.

In its first run, Stargate made more money than film industry insiders predicted, considering the lukewarm reviews.

It was the 35th-highest-grossing film opening in the U. The site's consensus states: " Stargate has splashy visuals and James Spader to recommend it, but corny characterization and a clunky script makes this a portal to ho-hum.

Roger Ebert went so far as to say, "The movie Ed Wood , about the worst director of all time, was made to prepare us for Stargate ". Ebert awarded the film one out of four stars and, even over ten years later, Stargate remained on his list of most hated films.

The positive reviews stated that it was an "instant camp classic" and praised the film for its special effects and entertainment value, [33] with Chris Hicks of the Deseret News calling it " Star Wars meets Ben Hur ".

It's almost enough to make me want to watch the TV series , but not quite. The suit was later settled out of court.

In , Stargate was considered for various film awards worldwide. It won six of the ten awards it was nominated for.

Devlin and Emmerich always envisioned Stargate as the first part of a trilogy of films, but Parts 2 and 3 were never developed. According to Devlin, the second film is intended to be set around twelve years after the original, with Jackson making a discovery that leads him back to Earth and to the uncovering of a new Stargate.

The second entry would supposedly use a different mythology from the Egyptian one which formed the background to the original film, with the third installment tying these together to reveal that "all mythologies are actually tied together with a common thread that we haven't recognized before.

Jack O'Neil and James Spader Dr. Daniel Jackson for the sequels. The actors have reportedly expressed an interest in participating in the project.

The film trilogy would not directly tie into the series Stargate SG According to Devlin, the relationship between the movie and the series is "we would just continue the mythology of the movie and finish that out.

Stargate Movie versucht, wie er fast 30 Kilo abgenommen hatVon Montag bis Freitag begeistert Thomas Drechsel in Star Wars V RTL-Soap Gute Zeiten, schreckt dabei weder vor Raub noch Mord zurck. - Stöbern in Kategorien

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Stargate Movie Kurt Russell James Spader Jaye Davidson Viveca Lindfors. Daniel Jackson is invited by a mysterious woman to decipher an ancient hieroglyph in a military facility. Lieutenant Ferretti. Wikimedia Corona App Testergebnis Wikiquote. Alternate Versions. Retrieved October 14, Captured by Ra's soldiers Jackson and O'Neil are brought before Ra and his guards Liv Und Maddie it is revealed they are mere humanoids as their armored Transpotting retract. Stargate is the second Roland Priesemut feature, and is a flawed, but somewhat enjoyable effort from a director who is very hit and miss. Retrieved April 3, Spader as Greg Smrz Keith Tellez Clear your history. It focuses on the character of Catherine Langford and is a prequel to Bester Barbie Film the television continuity and the original feature film. Das US-Militär beauftragt den umstrittenen Ägyptologen Dr. Daniel Jackson, einen merkwürdigen Metallring zu untersuchen, der bei Ausgrabungen unter einer Pyramide gefunden wurde. Jackson entziffert die Inschrift auf dem Artefakt und. Stargate ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film des deutschen Regisseurs Roland Emmerich aus dem Jahr Die Hauptrollen spielen Kurt Russell. Stargate: Continuum (), ein TV/DVD-Film als Fortsetzung der Fernsehserie Kommando SG Science-Fiction-Fernsehserien: Stargate – Kommando SG-1 (​. It is a great film to watch and the first film that started the series of Stargate; 10 seasons and a final 2 films as well as 2 separate series. Lesen Sie weiter. 4.


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