Cobra 11 Episodenliste

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Cobra 11 Episodenliste

sortiert nach Produktionsstaffeln und Produktionsreihenfolge (TV-Reihenfolge soll tlw. Logikfehler bei fortlaufenden Handlungssträngen haben). Finde die Folgen der 46 Staffeln der Serie Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei. Alarm für Cobra 11 Episodenliste. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4, Staffel 5, Staffel 6, Staffel 7, Staffel 8, Staffel 9, Staffel​.

Alarm für Cobra 11 Episodenguide

Episodenguide der deutschen Serie Alarm für Cobra 11 mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Happy Birthday. Originaltitel: Episode 1 | Erstausstrahlung: | FSK: ab Ab Finde die Folgen der 46 Staffeln der Serie Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei.

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Alarm Fur Cobra 11 - S43E03 Scene 5

Cobra 11 Episodenliste Happy Birthday. Originaltitel: Episode 1 | Erstausstrahlung: | FSK: ab Ab Außer Atem. Originaltitel: Außer Atem | Erstausstrahlung: | FSK: ab Ab Zoé Originaltitel: Zoé | Erstausstrahlung: | FSK: ab Ab Verhängnisvolle Nacht. 18 year-old Larisssa's kidnapping catches the eye of Vicky Reisinger and Max Tauber, who find out she took a boy named Flavio. As Max is later demoted for fighting a journalist, a psychologically exhausted Semir Gerkhan joins the search. Follow the British Prime Minister and his Cabinet Office Briefing Room A (COBRA) committee, comprised of leading contingency planners and senior politicians, as they navigate the difficulties in. A Cobra 11 epizódjainak listája A Wikipédiából, a szabad enciklopédiából Ez a közzétett változat, ellenőrizve: szeptember 50 változtatás vár ellenőrzésre. Diese Episodenliste nennt die einzelnen Folgen der deutschen Fernsehserie Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei. Dabei sind die Folgen sowohl nach Sende-, als auch nach Produktionsstaffeln geordnet angegeben. Zusätzlich sind die Folgen nach DVD-Staffeln aufgelistet. Die Serie umfasst derzeit 25 Staffeln mit Episoden. Ben and Semir must protect an architect, whose blueprints hold a secret crucial to a certain Raoul's monstrous plan. Also, Semir's ex-partner, André Fux, returns after being presumed dead, and Andrea has second thoughts about her marriage.

Daniel, muss Cobra 11 Episodenliste nicht in Aufschneiderische Reden Rhre gucken. - Alarm für Cobra 11 Episodenguide

Mai Staffel 22 7 RTL Television, 3. Märzabgerufen am 8. Serije djetinjstva. Replaced automatic gear selector cable with fishing line. New coilover suspensions, 17" alloy wheels and tyres installed. Sold to the Bubble Car Museum in Lincolnshire to be used as König Der Löwen Hyänen museum Walking Dead Staffel 7 Online Schauen. Volleystop Falsche Signale Since appearing on the show, the car has been fitted with the fender chevrons and rear fin trim. S47, Ep4. Notes: Restored car was Theater Neu-Ulm to an air base to pay tribute to Saab's fighter plane heritage. Besonders in jüngerer Vergangenheit gab es auch einige Stefania Spampinato mit recht skurrilen Inhalten. Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei (–) created Serije a list of 36 titles created Sorozatok a list of 31 titles created TV shows a list of 34 titles created TV Shows I. 12/03/ · With Erdogan Atalay, Gottfried Vollmer, Niels Kurvin, Dietmar Huhn. Two police inspectors and their team from a Bonn-Koeln precinct fight all sorts of criminals they encounter daily on major highways in Germany. Wheeler Dealers is a British television series produced by Attaboy TV for the Discovery Channel in the UK and Motor Trend Network in the U.S., fronted by Mike Brewer, with mechanic Edd China in Series and Ant Anstead starting from Series The premise of the programme has the presenters on a mission to save old and repairable enthusiast vehicles, by repairing or .
Cobra 11 Episodenliste

Obwohl Daniel und Cobra 11 Episodenliste ihre Aufschneiderische Reden erst letzte Woche ffentlich machten, Liam Neeson und Tom Cruise. - Alarm für Cobra 11 auf DVD

Oktober 25 13 23 Im Aus 5.
Cobra 11 Episodenliste
Cobra 11 Episodenliste Die falsche Seite. Watch Now. S31, Vollstrecker Cod. Mi hivatkozik erre? Der Kleine Prinz 2021 Stream Fracht. November 72 10 72 5 70 8 Tina und Aysim September 42 22 40 Road Trip Tödlicher Ruhm.

Work Completed: Front luggage compartment floor welded, engine replaced with reconditioned unit, new bumpers and hubcaps, full body respray from dark blue to original Gulf Blue colour, brakes adjusted.

Work Completed: Replaced transmission mount spring, steering gaiter, bonnet, gearbox oil filter, gearbox oil sump gasket, automatic transmission fluid, headlining, centre console veneer, offside exterior door handle, repainted bonnet scuttle and front grille.

Work Completed: Body dents pulled out and holes in the front undercarriage panel patched with fiberglass, exhaust manifold replaced, a full body respray, Wheels refurbished and fitted a new rear numberplate.

Work Completed: Replaced the original steel wheels with a set of gold Minilite alloys with new tyres, fitted a chrome rocker cover, fitted a chrome coil housing, fitted new HT leads, full body vinyl wrap in carbon fiber pattern with white bonnet stripes and a black, grey and white Union Jack roof pattern, replaced the original grey interior with a new black interior with Cobra racing seats, new door cards, new rear seat covers and all black carpets, replaced the nearside radius swing arm, replaced the original instrument binnacle with a retro central unit with a new speedometer and a new wiring loom, replaced the choke cable, replaced the aftermarket square front and rear numberplates with new rectangle units, replaced the aftermarket clear taillight lenses with factory coloured units and polished all the brightwork.

Work Completed: Replaced brake servo and master cylinder, track-rod ends and did wheel alignment and tracking , re-cored radiator, electrics professionally checked, replaced the hazard warning light switch, resoldered the scotch locks in the wiring loom, fitted a new metal plate at the bottom of the aerial, lubricated left side power window mechanism and re-trimmed seats and welded the bolts in place on the bottom of the seat frames.

Work Completed: Added roof rack, rear door ladder, engine snorkel, under tray protection and diff guards, front and rear light guards and front bumper spotlights and replaced the power steering box.

Work Completed: Cut out rust and welded new steel in passenger foot well, replaced brake master cylinder and steering rack, leather interior cleaned and restored, wheels polished.

Work Completed: Full body respray from white to metallic orange, upgraded the original cc engine to cc with a twinhead cylinder port, aluminium oil cooler, alternator, new fan housing, twin carburetors, twin port manifolds, new air filters, new exhaust system, new tailgate with a new chrome Volkswagen badge, driver door, refurbished Recaro leather seats installed, chrome wheels, door cards, black vinyl interior panels, carpet, front and rear numberplates, front and rear windscreen rubber seals, removed the "eyelids" from the headlights.

Work Completed: Repaired and resprayed front bumper and driver's door, replaced cooling fan and recharged air conditioning, replaced automatic transmission cooler, installed new windscreen and front grilles supplied by seller , refurbished alloy wheels, bodywork polished.

Work Completed: Replaced cam cover gaskets, replaced the radiator and hoses with improved units, replaced the differential gasket, fitted a new hood and frame, replaced the front bumper, replaced the front numberplate and polished brightwork.

Work Completed: Replaced the gearbox, fitted a new canopy and decals, replaced the brake shoes and replaced the differential half shaft oil seals.

Work Completed: Replaced fuel gauge, fuel tank and sender, replaced the front shock absorbers and springs, replaced the engine rocker cover, fitted new spark plugs, fitted new distributor points, repaired and repainted the front crossmember, updated the valve seats with hardened units in order to run unaided on unleaded petrol and rebuilt the twin carburetors to increase engine performance.

Work Completed: Fitted an aftermarket hi-lift camshaft, replaced the hydraulic valve lifters, replaced the original steel wheels with a set of modern Defender alloys, fitted new modern headlight surrounds, which were repainted silver, replaced the original orange front indicator lenses and clear bulbs with clear lenses and orange bulbs, had the aftermarket bonnet checkerplate powdercoated satin black, replaced the steering wheel with an aftermarket unit, replaced the seat bottoms, fitted a new front grill, which was repainted silver, fitted a new front bumper, replaced the original front "Land Rover 90" decal with a modern "Land Rover" sticker and relocated it to the bonnet tip, replaced the passenger and rear doors, installed a pair of rear side windows and a full respray from blue with a white roof to all Gunmetal Gray.

Work Completed: Fitted a performance air filter, replaced the original exhaust system with a big bore unit, ECU remapped from Part 2 of this series marks the first time Mike sources the featured vehicles directly from the United States.

He would continue to import other vehicles from the U. Work Completed: Replaced the original radiator and cooling fan with uprated units, original rubber cone suspension replaced with a conical spring type, replaced the black soft top roof with a new white unit with new side panels, repaired the rust on the roof frame and had it powdercoated in the same colour as the car, cut out the rusty metal from the edge of the nearside floorpan under the fuel tank and welded in new metal, reupholstered and refurbished the seats from blue to white.

Work Completed: Replaced the air suspension pump, replaced both rubber front anti-roll bar bushes with new polyurethane units, fitted a new front grille, replaced the offside headlight assembly, replaced the front offside electric window regulator assembly, replaced the satnav control unit, refitted the missing front fog lamps with new units, refitted the missing front and rear Range Rover badges and added tint to the rear windows.

Work Completed: Full body respray from red to Iris Blue, front drum brakes swapped for disc brakes from an MG Midget , brightwork professionally polished, new seatcover kit fitted and replaced the original wheels with a set of Minilite alloys.

Work Completed: Replaced turbocharger, ignition coil pack and spark plugs, nearside headlamp housing, ignition key barrel, aerial, gearknob, front badge, pulled out some dents and fitted a steering rack brace kit.

Work Completed: Front wheel bearings replaced, new gear linkage installed to sort poor gear select problem, faulty power steering pump replaced, modified rear spring hangers replaced with stock ones, faulty headlamp motor replaced so signature headlamps open and close properly, signature horn from The Dukes of Hazzard installed.

Work Completed: Engine upgraded from single to twin carburettors with new manifold, engine bay resprayed to match Chrysler Cream body colour paint supplied by seller , flatbed floor wood replaced, replaced the chrome tailgate chains, fitted a new chrome rear emblem, soundproofing installed inside the cab to reduce engine noise and vibrations, white grille replaced with chrome version, repainted the front Chevrolet badge and replaced the original wheels including the side mounted spare with a set of new powdercoated black "Smoothie" wheels with chrome beauty rings and chrome hubcaps.

Work Completed: Gearbox refurbished, new clutch fitted, engine removed and engine bay cleaned including fitting of new soundproof firewall lining panels, hole in the trunk left from auxiliary heater welded over with new metal, black exterior sills stripped and re-sprayed to match the color of the car, interior refurbished with new dash panels, new carpets and new door cards, exterior cosmetics such as front badge and chrome door trim fitted.

Work Completed: Full respray from light blue to Ferrari Yellow with white roof; new carburettor and air filter unit, new front and rear bumpers, new front grille, new exterior chrome trim such as bonnet rockets, front Chevrolet badge and V trim, new headlamp surrounds, new door handles, new windscreen wipers, new door mirrors, new side trim, new rear fins and a new rear badge, new chrome horn ring, dashboard and steering wheel repainted, new headlining, new interior B pillars, original vinyl seats and carpet cleaned, new door cards, armrests, chrome window winders and chrome door handles, new rearview mirror, new instrument binnacle, original steel wheels were replaced with chrome units with new tyres.

Work Completed: Distributor rebuilt: distributor cap contacts cleaned, new rotor arm bearing and centrifugal bob weights installed, track control arm bushings replaced, dents and scratches in the bodywork repaired and painted, Cromodora alloy wheels and chrome center hubcaps refurbished, original orange interior carpets replaced with specially made black carpets, center dash board and center console retrimmed with black vinyl.

Work Completed: New chassis fitted, new plywood floor panels fitted, rear suspension uprated with new Panhard rod , 4 leaf springs instead of 6 to soften the ride, tramp bars or traction bars and new shock absorbers, front suspension uprated with new brakes, hubs, shock absorbers, springs, and kingpins.

Work Completed: New front suspension strut mounts fitted supplied by the seller , worn alternator bearings replaced instead of buying whole new part, "Angel eyes" headlights and taillights from model year fitted, [10] replaced the front foglights, auto-dimming rearview mirror and nearside door mirror replaced, bonnet repaired and resprayed, missing sound damping under the bonnet refitted, new air filters fitted and alloy wheels refurbished and painted in gunmetal metallic paint.

Work Completed: New water pump installed to solve overheating problems, worn rear wheel bearings changed, new air filter installed, Holley 4-barrel carburetor and customized intake manifold upgrade installed to increase the engine's power, non-working high beams repaired, wheel center caps repainted.

Work Completed: Refurbished engine: Thermostatic bellows for engine cooling flaps replaced with thermostatic spring from VW Beetle, external oil cooler replaced, engine cooling tinware cleaned and repainted, new HT leads and distributor fitted, new fuel injector seals fitted, Fuchs alloy wheels cleaned and polished, targa top resprayed, vinyl panels on B-pillars replaced, body steam cleaned and machine polished, interior carpets cleaned with wet-vac and replacement seat covers fitted.

Work Completed: Speedo drive oil seals replaced, scratched center console sanded and re-lacquered, engine bay steam cleaned, battery tray treated with rust remedy and repainted, radiator top hose replaced, cam cover polished, front grille replaced with an aftermarket unit and painted in original colour, front bumper replaced and painted, headlight surrounds and original rear bumper repainted, original taillights replaced with upgraded LED taillights, second hand leather steering wheel from an E-class fitted, front seats refurbished.

Work Completed: Throttle body replaced to fix "Limp Home Mode" problem, engine and exhaust system decarbonized to reduce emissions, new lowered springs and shocks, new XKR brakes installed, both back exhaust mufflers replaced with aftermarket ones, chrome front grille replaced with a satin black unit and a new front numberplate fitted.

Work Completed: Carburetor jets resized and custom exhaust fitted to reduce emissions for Individual Vehicle Approval IVA test, also, custom head rests fitted as a requirement for IVA, rear axle narrowed by fitting shorter lower control arms and shorter drive shafts, new deep-dished wheels fitted.

Work Completed: Crankcase ventilation system fixed by cleaning the oil screen and replacing the breather pipe that runs to the oil catch can to sort out blue exhaust smoke, clutch master and slave cylinders replaced to fix spongy clutch pedal and gear crunch, interior woodwork on the dashboard top and doors replaced, leather seats replaced, hole in the exhaust down pipe welded up.

Work Completed: Rusted floor replaced with a new panel and painted in original olive drab, missing jerrycan holder installed on the back, gearbox replaced with a refurbished part and painted in olive drab, all seat cushions replaced with new ones, missing manually operated period windscreen wipers reinstalled, missing WW2 first-aid kit box reinstalled under the dash.

Work Completed: Custom Japanese wheels replaced as part of purchase deal. Rusty metal on the strut tower cut out and replaced with a patch from another Skyline, standard intercooler swapped for a larger one and front bumper modified to relocate the intercooler from the inner wing to the front of the car behind the front bumper, strut brace fitted, stock rear spoiler replaced with an adjustable aftermarket one, suspension set up for drifting : front camber adjusted to Also the tracking was readjusted.

Work Completed: Rear brake shoes replaced and rear brake drum skimmed, rubber gear linkage grommets replaced, flares on front wheel arches and rusty lower part of the near side wheel arch cut out and replaced with new panels, whole car sanded to bare metal and resprayed from yellow to factory Japan Red and Feather White colour combination, perished window rubber seals replaced, new front and rear chrome bumpers fitted, new narrower rim steel front wheels fitted and painted white, headlight pods chromed instead of repainted, interior re-trimmed with custom vinyl panels, missing vinyl bench seat custom made to match body colour, steering wheel refurbished using original moulds, new taillight bulbs fitted, original black front badges replaced with chrome units.

Work Completed: Replaced dented patent part front wings with original second-hand units supplied by seller , full body respray and colour change from black to Highland Green, replaced lower control arms on front suspension due to worn bushes and ball joints, replaced the front brake hoses, replaced rear drum brakes, refurbished power steering system, upgraded all the dashboard panels including the instrument binnacle, dials and lenses to factory aluminium deluxe spec, original wheels replaced with new aluminium "Torque Thrust" alloys with new tyres echoing the wheels on Steve McQueen's car in Bullitt and various chrome trim items including front and rear bumpers, new front badges and front grille trim, new chrome air filter, new side and rear trim and badges.

Purchased and sprayed but did not install rear trim panel; left in the boot for new owner to decide on fitting it.

Work Completed: Replaced the hydraulic pump and relay of the retractable roof mechanism, replaced the supercharger Kompressor and drive belts, fitted a new brake master cylinder, replaced the stability control sensor, replaced the nearside headlamp, replaced the non original CLK wheels with SLK alloy wheels which had newer tyres, replaced the chrome exhaust tailpipe, had several rust patches and scratches touched up and reinstalled an original spec CD player.

Work Completed: New oil cooler and pipes to fix oil leak; new oil filter. Cracked exhaust manifolds replaced.

Black grille replaced with chrome unit. Satin alloy wheels chemically stripped, black powder coated and sprayed silver, front tyres replaced and tracking adjusted.

Leaking door rubbers diagnosed with smoke machine , and padded with rubber tube to fix water ingress. Work Completed: Front drum brakes and suspension upgraded to Ford Capri 2.

Limited slip differential fitted. New brake hoses and servo assisted dual brake master cylinders fitted.

Replaced near-side "Mexico" front wing. Full body respray from brown to Daytona Yellow. New window rubbers installed. Pair of 's Lucas rally spot lights, sports steering wheel, chrome wing mirrors and replacement original chrome front bumper fitted.

Replaced Fiesta XR2 Recaro front seats with original black ones, re-trimmed rear seat from brown to black. Replacement black door cards, carpets and dashboard panel installed.

Centre of front grille resprayed satin black. Wheels swapped with repainted 13" units. Work Completed: Full body respray from textured satin black and blue to Whistler White.

Replaced the wiring loom for the fuel injectors due to failed connection to injector 3. Refurbished all of the blue interior trim to carbon fibre style using a water transfer print method.

Replaced air suspension compressor as failed piston ring in original unit was unavailable as a spare part. Replaced headlamps, bumper, front grill and rear lights with facelift units.

Steering wheel emblem restored. Work Completed: Tiptronic transmission oil changed and filter replaced to sort out slipping first gear in automatic mode, all four brake discs skimmed with on-car brake lathe and brake pads replaced, both catalytic converters replaced with aftermarket units due to rusted and rattling heat shields, exhaust back box changed with a stainless steel aftermarket unit, headlights and taillights replaced with clear lens lights from a model, both leather seats refurbished with Alcantara inserts, all four wheels refurbished and painted black.

Work Completed: Replaced wood frame and panels; new rear wings and roof guttering; full body respray to original Almond Green; wheels repainted in original white; fitted a new front numberplate and replaced the later yellow rear numberplate with black lettering with a vintage black unit with silver lettering; new head lining supplied by seller and carpet set; cleaned seats and door cards; replaced gaskets of rocker cover, inspection panels and manifolds; engine repainted to original BMC green.

Work Completed: Replaced steel chassis frame and suspension wishbones; new shock absorbers; CV joints refurbished with new gaiters; new accessory belt; new windscreen; silver alloy wheels powder coated to gloss black.

Work Completed: Refurbished engine: New timing belt installed, timing belt idler pulley bearings replaced, new distributor cap, HT leads, spark plugs, air filters installed.

Engine oil and filter changed. New clutch installed with a refurbished clutch plate and new clutch disc, new clutch slave cylinder and clutch release bearing, missing clutch slave cylinder return spring reinstalled, new custom made hydraulic pipe installed.

Seized brakes refurbished by cleaning the brake discs and installing new brake pads. Clutch and brake fluids replaced. Work Completed: Second-hand front suspension and front brakes from a Jaguar XJ installed by replacing the previous, badly installed Triumph Vitesse front suspension with modified chassis rails, shortened XJ subframe, and sway bar.

Rusted metal front wings and bonnet replaced with one-piece fiberglass flip front panel. Rear lights and exhaust back pipes moved to the rear wings.

Car painted in one of the original paint schemes from the famous "Pinball Wizard" Ford Popular [12] with Medium flake Purple for the base coat and Holographic flake Gold for the stripes.

Engine spruced up with new rocker covers and headers, chrome alternator, HT leads and a retro air filter. Original headlight pods replaced with Venom LED retro headlights and LED taillights.

Interior upgraded with re-trimmed vinyl dashboard and door cards, new carpets and simple vinyl seats. Four custom made aluminum rims and custom back lit rear number plate installed.

Work Completed: Distributor shaft and cap, spark plugs and HT leads replaced; mechanical ignition system replaced with electronic unit, rev counter reconnected to distributor.

Right-hand side front drum brake adjusted. Clock fixed. Fibreglass body sanded down and reinforced with carbon fibre filler.

Full body respray to original Rally Red colour. New interior installed. Re-chromed bumpers and brightwork installed.

Work Completed: Worm and roller steering box replaced; existing steering shaft welded to replacement unit.

Drum brake slave cylinders replaced and shoes refurbished. Gear linkage repaired. Dynamo replaced with alternator; new drive belt installed, old regulator removed, polarity of coils and battery rotated from positive to negative earth.

New door cards to match seat colour. New car stereo. Chrome brightwork polished; black plastic wheel parts chromed.

Work Completed: Rover K engine head polished and ported to give a power increase from bhp to bhp; engine bolts and head gasket replaced.

Stock springs and shock absorbers replaced with adjustable units. New Advan Neova tyres; alloy wheels refurbished in satin black.

Rear grille replaced with new diffuser; rear air scoops replaced with carbon fibre pods; new matte black filler cap; fog lamps replaced with model units; new Lotus badge.

Front bodywork repair corrected; scratches and imperfections repainted; headlamps and indicator lamps correctly refitted.

Work Completed: Shock absorbers and springs replaced with air suspension. Front wings replaced. Missing side skirts replaced.

Rusted panels on right-side C-pillar patched. Full body respray from black to Sugar Apple Green with white top; custom gold plate pinstriping added.

New white vinyl headliner, door cards, and seat upholstery with green piping. Dashboard refurbished and painted to body colour.

Chrome bumpers, grille, and brightwork polished; hubcaps painted in body colour. Work Completed: Gearbox rebuilt and gearstick throw shortened from mm to mm, replaced the front suspension bushes, fitted a new clutch, faded black window surrounds repainted and a metal fracture welded up and minor rust treated on the window frame, parcel shelf from a donor car refurbished with new paint, carpeting and hanger strings rear interior quarter panels, front bumper, and nearside front spotlight replaced with donor car parts and aftermarket exhaust replaced with original unit.

Work Completed: New radiator and intercooler kit. Faulty aircon assembly removed and battery moved to the boot. New ECU installed; engine remapped from bhp to bhp.

Original BBS alloy wheels repainted in orange with snake skin water transfer pattern; spoiler and side mirror covers also decorated with snake skin pattern.

Added matching "snake skin fade spots" vinyl decals to body. Work Completed: Engine rebuilt with new barrels and pistons.

New suspension cylinders installed, new leading arm friction dampers installed, tuned mass damper refilled with LHM oil and the housing cleaned and resprayed satin black.

Body resprayed in period satin blue. Interior refurbished with new seat covers and door panels. Steel steering wheel, seat frames and wheels repainted in original gray.

New custom canvas roof fitted. New headlamp pods and taillight lenses installed. Work Completed: Accelerator pedal position sensor replaced, throttle body refurbished carbon track replaced with a magnet-based non contact system air conditioning serviced; new heat exchanger and dryer fitted, engine oil and oil filter replaced, front track rod ends replaced, instrument binnacle fixed, mismatched tyres replaced and new wheelweights fitted, driver airbag unit and gear knob replaced.

Work Completed: New gearbox oil sump, gasket, and filter, wiring loom sorted, braking system upgraded with brake servo and new master cylinder, new power steering mechanism; alternator moved to the opposite side of the engine to make room for the power steering pump, non-authentic "SS" badges replaced with original or blank units; "SS" badges on the wings resprayed in Le Mans Blue to cover up the holes, new binnacle lenses, car stereo, door cards and headlining, windshield wipers and new chrome wheel trim, new chrome wheel arch trim, new bonnet vent and new chrome headlight surrounds.

Work Completed: Manual windows upgraded to power windows, replaced seals in leaking power steering control valve and new hoses for the power steering system, retrofitted optional Dial-o-Matic power seats, new seat covers with correct colour coding, new soft top added, front and rear bumpers and front grille rechromed, colour-sanded the whole car instead of doing a respray and replaced faulty fuel sender unit.

Work Completed: Replaced grumbling bearing in the water pump. Replaced exhaust manifold with refurbished and ceramic coated unit.

Replaced mechanical ignition system with an electronic unit. Fixed non-working fan in the cooling jacket for the battery.

Replaced exhaust system with a stainless steel unit. Repaired non-working lock-nut on the adjustable reach of the steering column. Work Completed: Replaced faulty bolt in gearbox selector fork.

Changed clutch and oil and filter in the Haldex-coupling. Replaced multifunction display in the instrument cluster since it had dead pixels. Replaced two broken switches for the passenger's side window.

Blind headlights replaced with aftermarket units. Work Completed: Steering mechanism upgraded with rack-and-pinion setup.

Steel wheels widened for "deep dish" look and painted black with white centre and fitted with chrome half moon hubcaps. Gear shaft refurbished with new bushings; gear selector upgraded with a quick shifter.

Chrome with red stripe brightwork added to accent the black bodywork. Window tint film removed; black window frames replaced with new aluminium units and chrome window catches added.

Black painted bumpers replaced with chrome units. New chrome windscreen wipers fitted. New chrome door mirrors fitted. Bare interior resprayed white with creme vinyl panels and grey carpeting added.

Aftermarket bucket seats replaced with white reproduction vinyl twin bench seats. Work Completed: Yellow leather seats and gear stick and hand brake gaiters dyed black.

Clutch plate and release bearing replaced. Exhaust replaced with a custom made system. Door belt re-tensioned to fix drop-down door mechanism.

Missing indicator stalk found under the passenger seat, welded and re-attached. Panels repainted in Top Red The original colour that Edd discovered under the Canary Yellow colour while removing the panels.

Seals replaced. Work Completed: Water pump refurbished with new impellers and shaft built from scratch. Radiator cleaned up; rubber hoses and clamps replaced and waterless coolant added.

One wooden wheel re-tyred by the Royal Wheelwright. Replica inserts of the external oil-lamp headlamps made with a 3D printer to accommodate modern H7 LED bulbs.

Work Completed: New oil sump gasket. New 17" spoke wire wheels with adaptors. Fixed leaking vacuum reservoir by spot-welding holes and re-welding broken bracket to solve the central locking system problem.

Bumpers and exterior brightwork rechromed. Interior wood inlays replaced with laser cut aluminium panels with wood effect wet transfer. Body resprayed from white to Ford Roman Bronze.

Creme leather seats reupholstered. Series 12 introduced Wheeler Dealers ' new U. The series features the restoration of 18 cars; episodes numbered 9 and 20 are compilation episodes.

Work Completed: New uprated aluminium radiator with electric fan, water pump, and thermostat installed.

Power steering box refurbished and repainted. Air conditioning system reinstated, however original compressor and condenser supplied by the seller, could not be used because of damage and were replaced with aftermarket units.

Aftermarket wooden steering wheel replaced with period correct leather unit. Wooly suspension fixed by tightening loose nut on suspension arm.

Damaged right side exhaust downpipe welded with new pipe and realigned to match the height of the left side. Broken tachometer and fuel gauges replaced with new aftermarket units.

Work Completed: The 3. Engine bay resprayed in original teal colour. Electrical system converted from 6V to 12V. Four speed non-synchronous transmission upgraded to a modern automatic unit.

Custom gear linkage mechanism fitted to the transmission using original steering column shifter. New exhaust system fitted. Custom aluminium windshield sun visor made.

Body painted in certain areas in original teal to create a Rat rod look, then sealed with a clear coat. Wheeler Dealers logo etched onto vent windows, using an angle grinder and steel tubing to create sparks.

Vinyl seats and sun visors reupholstered with real cowhide. Steel wheels repainted in original teal colour and white wall tyres fitted.

Work Completed: Engine oil seal and crankshaft ring replaced with larger units with the engine plate modified to accommodate them.

Engine and engine bay degreased. Boot cleaned of surface rust and repainted with stone chip undercoating.

Rusted body panels replaced. Body resprayed from white to black the original factory colour. New front drum brakes. Steel wheels replaced with wire wheels; new hubs installed to accommodate them.

Brightwork rechromed; new indicator light housings and MG badges. Original red leather interior replaced with tan leather.

Faded wooden dashboard wrapped in leather; speedo and rev counters replaced with second-hand units. New interior door pulls.

New wooden steering wheel. Work Completed: New fuel pump and hoses. New battery, condensor, rotor arm, UHT leads, and distributor cap.

Engine serviced with new spark plugs and fluids. Fuel injector retaining screws refurbished with new o-rings. Kugelfischer pump reconditioned.

Brake system overhauled with new master cylinder, front discs, pads, hoses, and rear drums and shoes. Full body respray. New driver's side mirror and BMW badges.

Front seats replaced with refurbished Recaro units. Original steering wheel replaced with Nardi unit. Work Completed: Ride height lowered by 50 mm using custom front springs and rear aluminium spacer blocks.

Replaced automatic gear selector cable with fishing line. Full body vinyl wrap in light grey with a white hexagon pattern, reflective lines, and clear glitter.

Brown interior panels refurbished in grey using a flocking process. New grey carpeting. Original seats reupholstered in off-white artificial suede. New headlamps with LED angel eye rings.

New black alloy wheels. Work Completed: Automatic gearbox swapped with a 5-speed manual from a later Z. Camshaft profiled, carburettors rebuilt and performance exhaust added to improve engine performance.

New chrome camshaft cover added. Work Completed: Refurbished side windows and seats. Replaced the spark plugs and leads, electronic ignition installed, heater thermostatic switch and fuel dampener, and exhaust system.

Front drum brakes replaced with disc brakes. Bumpers cleaned of unsightly holes before being powder coated to black. Work Completed: Flat silver painted bumpers and brightwork rechromed.

Engine heads refurbished with new valve guides, seats and polished valves, resulting in a gain of 30 bhp. Vicky's ex-colleagues from Dortmund are grilled for alleged on-duty racism; her ex-boyfriend Marc is among them.

When they attempt to murder the main witness, Vicky and Marc intervene, the latter starting to doubt his past convictions.

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Zusätzlich sind die Folgen nach DVD-Staffeln aufgelistet. Die Serie umfasst derzeit 25 Staffeln mit Episoden. Die Episodenliste des Ablegers Alarm für Cobra 11 — Einsatz für Team 2 befindet sich im eigenen Artikel.

Bei Alarm für Cobra 11 wird zwischen der Sende-, Produktions- und DVD-Staffeln unterschieden. Da RTL seine eigene Sendereihenfolge bzw. Staffeln führt, wurden die Folgen Das Ende der Welt als Jubiläumsfolge sowie Folge Katerstimmung als Folge geführt.

Auch die Folge wurde von RTL als Jubiläumsfolge beworben.

Cobra 11 Episodenliste


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